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Ready meal recipes for those looking for a healthy, tasty diet using simple, convenient and time saving methods.

Our Research and Development team is continuously devising new recipes that can meet both market demands and the needs of individual customers. We can create a customised product and design exclusive new recipes depending on the preferences of the customer.  In fact, we are proud that several brands have already partnered with us [find out more]

In addition to a wide range of rice varieties, we create ready-made risottos, legume soups and more. Meals are ready prepared without artificial colourings, without preservatives, without GMOs and without monosodium glutamate. Carefully formulated blends are based on diverse nutritional principles to meet a range of needs. Each of our products ensures a wide variety of Proteins, Vitamins, Mineral Salts and Fibre content.

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Carnaroli, Arborio, Baldo, Ribe, Originario, Thaibonnet, Red Rice and Black Rice.



Risottos with artichokes, asparagus, courgettes, radicchio, peppers, tomato and basil, spinach, porcini mushrooms, nettles, leeks, lemon and rosemary, saffron, truffle, red onion from Tropea.



Tuscan, Mediterranean and extra legume rice soups.


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